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We know that as a business owner or manager, you shouldn’t have to spend your time dealing with employment issues. You want to get out there and promote and sell your business’s products and services. Somehow you got stuck with bad hires, bad performers, and employees who are just bad fits. You are not alone. So many employers hire and fire with emotion instead of with good solid processes that will help them limit their liability from lawsuits. We can provide those processes for you and limit that liability.

Flexible Solutions for Your Business Needs

On-Site & Online Services

HR Management

Not all employers can afford to have a full or even part-time HR Professional on staff. We can provide that support. Let us help you develop and implement the processes that will allow you to focus on the profitability side of your business.

Assistance with problem employees
Drug-free workplace programs
Background screenings
Employee Handbooks
Unemployment claims support
Discrimination claims guidance
Hiring and termination guidance

Payroll Management

From a full-blown Human Capital Management system to the basic payroll package we can accommodate every type of payroll client. We offer a Fully Integrated Time and Attendance, Affordable Care Act, Online Benefit Enrollment, Time Off Tracking, Applicant Tracking. We have what every business needs for their payroll – regardless of size. We often find that we can beat the price and service of those big box payroll companies.  We can process your payroll for you or you can go online 24/7 and process from anywhere you have an internet connection

Let us work with you to build a strong hiring, discipline and separation process to limit your unemployment and discrimination liability.
On-Call Solutions

Need an advocate? Sometimes you just need to talk to a trusted advisor. You can call and talk to your advisor for guidance on a number of issues or even just to validate what you already know.

HR Solutions

Don’t let your employees determine how you run your business. Don’t be afraid to terminate an employee who either isn’t performing or isn’t a good fit for your organization.
Employers spend 80% of their time with the 20% of their employees who are not performing.


We now function in a more efficient manner. Moreover, I can always rely on the best professional guidance and advice when it comes to the legal requirements of employment law and contract policies. Peter – Home Cleaning Company

I’m so lucky to have you on my side. Thanks for all you do. – Suzanne Medical Billing Company

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