Drug Screens

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Drug Screens

Save 5% on your worker’s compensation insurance policy premium by setting up a qualified Drug-Free Workplace.


Employers Resources Plus will:

  • Provide a complete Drug-Free Workplace manual with the Florida compliant policy.
  • Supervisor’s Handbook
  • All the necessary forms to execute your Drug-Free Workplace policy.

The one-time setup cost for the program is $200  and the drug screenings are $40.

The drug screenings cost includes the specimen collection, lab testing and review of all positive test results by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).   The tests are 5-panel tests that include Cannabinoids, amphetamines, opiates, Cocaine, and Phencyclidine.


The Drug-Free Workplace policy can be D.O.T. compliant also.
To setup your Drug-Free Workplace, visit your Client Dashboard and complete the setup form or contact us at 941-321-6928.

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