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Labor Law Posters

At Employers Resources Plus we know how important it is for you to stay compliant and up to date with the Federal, State, and OSHA employee notification requirements.

That is why we offer our All-in-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster Programs.  They will keep you compliant with all the employee notification requirements and the program is backed by a $25,000 “We Pay The Fine” Guarantee.

The E-Update Labor Law Poster Program is $7.50 a month.

Labor Law Poster Program Details graphicReceive an All-in-Onc Federal and State Labor Law Poster.
Receive a call and e-mail whenever there is an update.
Print the update.
Display the update with the poster.
Receive a new, updated All-in-One Federal and State Labor Law Poster on the anniversary of your subscription.

The Poster Replacement Service is $10.00 per month.

With this service, you will receive a new poster each time there is an update.

With either one of our All-in-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster Programs, you will have everything you need to be legally compliant and avoid fines.  Plus you will be back by our $25,000 “We Pay The Fine” Guarantee!

To Sign Up For A Poster Program

Log into your Client Account Dashboard and click the Labor Law Poster button to choose the program you prefer.

Or contact us at 941-321-6928

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